Biomax Pasture Max Dairy

Biomax Pasture Max Dairy is a liquid pasture conditioner that contains those essential elements and minerals which are critical for pastures being fed to dairy cows. The practice of applying major and minor elements to pastures about to be grazed has been used throughout NZ for many years. It is important during winter months with dairy cows pre and post calving when pasture levels are low in minerals and Magnesium.
Biomax Pasture Max Dairy contains high levels of Copper, Cobalt, Selenium and Iodine in a solution of Nitrogen, Magnesium and seaweed. The levels in the product have been calculated to bring autumn saved pastures up to the daily requirement of a pasture fed dairy cow pre and post calving. In normal winter conditions pastures are less palatable and only contain about half the amount of minerals that a lactating cow requires. An application of Biomax Pasture Max Dairy to pastures 7 to 10 days ahead of grazing will improve the quality and utilisation. It also increases mineral levels which are taken up by the cow during normal grazing practices. This can help prevent ill-thrift, scouring, ketosis and poor start to milk production. 80% of disease in adult cows occur during the 4 weeks either side of calving. Changing from pregnancy to lactation strains their immune system and they become susceptible to disease.

An application of 10 - 15 litres per hectare onto calving paddocks and then in front of the cows for the first rotation is recommended. It is recommended that 5 - 8 kgs of Magnesium Sulphate be added at time of application to minimise deficiencies in pastures. Production increases can be between 3% and 8% at a cost from as little as 8kgs of milk solids per hectare (under 3kgs per cow).

Specifications (w/v)

Nitrogen          15%
Copper          7500 ppm
Magnesium       2%
Iodine            200 ppm
Cobalt              90 ppm
Selenium          25 ppm
Seaweed base


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