About Us

PacificAg – Grow Smarter
The PacificAg team has over 75 years of combined experience in New Zealand agriculture and horticulture.  We provide your full range of liquid and solid fertiliser requirements, as well as animal health products.
Specialist liquid fertiliser solutions
We are acknowledged experts in creating liquid fertilisers for New Zealand conditions.  Liquid fertilisers are more readily absorbed by plants, and is known for improving nutrient cycling and increasing nutrient availability in your soil.  Applying liquid fertiliser is as easy as adding it to your regular seasonal weed spray, or running it through your irrigator.  Not only that, but it is environmentally friendly, with reduced nutrient leaching into drains and the atmosphere compared to its solid counterparts. 
Using evidence to make the best decision for your farm
Our service include soil tests to ensure we maximise our products’ impact, and post analysis to measure the results - making sure we’re on the right track.
New Zealand made for New Zealand conditions
We are proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated.  Our products are designed specifically for New Zealand climatic conditions and farming systems.  All manufacturing is done locally by New Zealand staff using best-quality internationally-sourced raw materials.

We look forward to discussing your individual situation and assisting with the optimal solution – just click here to locate your nearest Pacific Ag specialist and we’ll be in touch.


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