PacificHort is the horticultural division of Pan Pacific Nutrients Ltd marketed as www.pacificag.co.nz.

This division specialises in nutrient programmes for most vegetable and fruit crops grown in New Zealand. These programmes have been developed, implemented and used on many crops around the world for the past 20 years.

Successes include kiwifruit/grapes/cherry grown in California as well as citrus, avocados, cherries, table grapes, stone fruit grown throughout Australia and Tasmania. Kiwifruit, avocado, apple, peach, cherry, citrus have been grown in New Zealand with PacificHort programmes.

The programmes are a combination of soil (including solid fertilsers) treatment and foliar applications of nutrients to assist the plant to grow and produce to its genetic ability throughout the season. These programmes are designed and monitored by soil and herbage analysis from post harvest to harvest the following season.

All analyses are carried out by Hills Laboratory in Hamilton to maintain independency and samples can be taken by one of our Specialists if required.



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