PacificAg fertiliser and nutrient programmes are developed for the individual farm and that specific farming technique. It is developed in consultation with the farmer to include his/her goals and aspirations for the property, its stock and future condition. Consideration of the farmer’s observations off the farm alongside soil tests, grass tests from the past and present are included in the development of a suitable fertiliser plan. Past fertiliser use and results are also taken into the appraisal. A programme is then put forward to the farmer with an appropriate budget in mind and is discussed for Dm production quality. A programme often has two parts: Soil nutrient status and the requirements to balance that status. Often this includes soil fertilisers, lime with or without BioMax formulations included.

Applications vary and your local specialists will advise what is best for your property.

BioMax formulations are true liquids and can be applied with most commonly used spray equipment or irrigation systems.

We have a range of BioMax Formulations that suit different requirements. Details can be found on the left.


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