Irrigation = Water
Fertigation = Water + Fertilisers

Fertigation using true Liquid Fertilisers uses a more refined Liquid Fertiliser technology to produce concentrates of N.P.K and trace elements in a plant available form, which when applied using the accuracy of your Pivot irrigator or Broadacre Spray Boom are capable of more accuracy than most solid fertiliser spreader technology found in New Zealand.
It is the effectiveness of the application and the plant availability of the nutrients which delivers the results, not necessarily how much you apply. You can easily adapt the amount and concentration of the applied nutrients to meet the actual nutritional requirement of the crop or pasture throughout the growing season. It also lessens the potential of ground water pollution caused by the fertiliser leaching.

PacificAg is a company which bases reputation on results. Liquid fertilisers work best in a programme based on soil tests and we are very happy to provide this service.  If there is a better product out there to do a job we will be the first to recommend it to you (solid or liquid).

Many of our liquid fertiliser products are compatible with fertigation. Please contact us with your requirements here.



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