Maxi Trace Equine


For Animal Health – Equine Supplement

Shiny Healthy Coat | Increased Weight gain | Higher in Magnesium


This product has been specifically formulated to supply a large range of vitamins and trace elements to help boost your horse’s health and wellbeing.

It contains the essential elements that Horses need for added performance and good health every day.


This concentrated liquid supplement is manufactured from high quality food grade materials using the very latest manufacturing technology. This provides the opportunity to create a true liquid suspension that is easy to use by:

  • Adding directly to water troughs
  • Pour on top of hay or grain
  • Mix easily into hard feed
  • Oral drench once a month


This formulation combines a complete range of minerals and trace elements that are essential for maintaining a healthy horse. Better performance, increased weight gain and shiny coat all occur with good horse health which provides the platform for being able to perform at their best every day. Our added magnesium helps aid muscle recovery while assisting in calming and relaxing the body after work.


Maxi Trace Equine is formulated with a strong organic seaweed base to enhance the assimilation of the essential elements and provide the horses with the riches that come from the sea.


Your local PacificAg specialist will advise you on the best application rate for your requirements.



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