Maxi Trace

Maxi Trace is a stock-food supplement that has been specifically formulated for New Zealand pastoral farming conditions. It is used for all livestock types and provides a complete range of essential elements to promote good health. lt is normally used monthly for adult sheep, cattle, pigs, deer, goats and horses. For young stock it can be used more regularly at lower doses.

This concentrated liquid supplement is manufactured from high quality food grade materials using
the very latest manufacturing technology. This provides the opportunity to create a true liquid
suspension that is easy to use in most farming systems: i.e. through a drench gun, trough treatment, in-line dispensing system or simply poured onto grain or hay etc.

This formulation combines a complete range of carbohydrates, protein, electrolytes, minerals, trace
elements and vitamins that are essential for maintaining healthy stock. Better production, increased
weight gain and higher conception rates all occur with good stock health which provides the platform for maximising farm profits.

Maxi Trace is formulated with a strong organic seaweed base to enhance the assimilation of the
essential elements and provide the stock with the riches that come from the sea.

Your local PacificAg specialist will advise you on the best application rate for your requirements.

Application Rates:
Livestock Daily / mls Do not exceed over a period of 21 days/mls
Cattle 2-3 25
Dairy Cows 3 25
Deer 1-3 10-25
Goats 1-2 6-15
Pigs 1-3 10-25
Sheep 1-2 6-10

Boron             0.2g/L
Calcium          0.6g/L
Chloride          40g/L
Cobalt            0.15g/L
Copper           0.4g/L
Iodide             1.5g/L
Magnesium      0.12g/L
Nitrogen          25g/L
Phosphorous    25g/L
Potassium        30g/L
Selenium          20 ppm
Sodium             9g/L
Sulphur             1g/L
Zinc                  0.37g/L
Vitamin A = 200,000 I U
Vitamin D = 20,000 I U
Vitamin E = 120 I U


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