Biomax Sulphur Tracexcel

Sulphur is a basic element of nature and like nitrogen, sulphur is an essential component in the growth cycle. It is involved in protein synthesis and is part of the amino acids Cystine and Thiamine. Sulphur is a building block of proteins, enzymes and vitamins and is a key ingredient in the formation of Chlorophyll. In the soil 90% of soil S is in the organic form and not freely available to the plant. Some plant types will accumulate three times the Sulphur to P level but more frequently Sand P levels are similar. Low Sulphur reduces Nitrogen uptake. High Sulphur causes Fe, Mo and B to be low. Available S levels in subsoil are often higher than top soil. Deficiency symptoms occur initially as a general yellow green with younger leaves showing a more pronounced yellowing. Crops which are Sulphur deficient typically show stunted or tall, spindly growth, general yellowing of younger leaves and reduced seed set. Deficiency symptoms are similar to N deficiency. Often S deficiency is pronounced during drought.

The application of Sulphur Tracexcel is a very efficient way of addressing deficiencies inthe soil. It can be added to most Biomax fertilisers and the K Humic enhancer to reduce application costs.

Specifications (w/v):
Specific gravity  1.3
Sulphur             100g/L
Sodium              50g/L
Nitrogen             35g/L
Boron                 500ppm
Copper               500ppm
Zinc                   400ppm
Cobalt                70ppm
Iodine                50ppm
Selenium            20ppm


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