Biomax Pasture Balance

Biomax Pasture Balance 10-7-5 a fully balanced blend of NPK nutrients and trace elements in a strong organic base. This blend is especially formulated for New Zealand conditions and is predominantly used as an annual maintenance fertiliser in most pasture farming situations. It contains a full range of mainly chelated trace elements. These trace elements supply the soil and stock with the essential minerals to improve stock health and performance. The levels of trace elements in this product are very high providing a long term response in the soil.

The chelated trace elements are in an advanced EDTA form making them readily available to the plant and adding to the overall strength of the product. The strong seaweed base is included to bring the riches of the sea onto the land and all the benefits it offers to the plants, soil and the environment.

Application rates vary from 12 to 20 litres per hectare. Lower rates can be applied, if used on a
regular basis.

Nitrogen        10% (w/v)
Phosphorus     7% (w/v)
Potassium       5% (w/v)
Copper           400 ppm
Cobalt            70 ppm
Zinc               180 ppm
Boron             500 ppm
Selenium         20  ppm
Iodine             50  ppm

(Use for High Phosphate requirement)


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