Yield Plus Ag

What is Yield Plus Ag?

It is a proven combination that will promote Dry matter growth.

PacificAg Yield Plus is a true liquid foliar fertiliser, which has an NPK rating of 5-4-11 plus trace elements, seaweed extracts and surfactants. lt contains Nitrogen and Phosphorous with high Potassium which is an important element, required in large amounts for the healthy growth of plants. The trace elements included are needed when plants are under stress during development, at maturity and during periods of drought.

Yield Plus is blended in a strong seaweed base derived from Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed which
is rich in natural plant hormones such as Auxins, Cytokinins, Betaines and Gibberellins. These elements will stimulate growth, contribute to increased yield, improved crop quality and improved shelf life. lt is supplied in a convenient concentrated liquid form being odourless and non toxic. This makes it easy to apply with no withholding period.

Why PacificAg Yield Plus will benefit a farmer

  • Concentrated liquid, easy to use
  • lncreased dry matter production
  • Healthy pasture with strong structure
  • Fast acting, rainfast within 2 hours
  • Nutrients immediately plant available
  • Help potassium levels in the soil

Together with the included elements, Yield Plus Ag is blended into a seaweed base containing natural growth promotants (Auxins, Gibberellins, Cytokinins and Betaines). Yield Plus contains a surfactant to ensure an even distribution over the leaf and rapid absorption. lt is pH neutral and can be safely used as a foliar spray on all commercial crops. As all nutrients are completely dissolved in solution, there is no time consuming mixing required and no chance of nozzle blockages, simply pour into an agitating spray tank previously filled with water.

Application rates

PacificAg Yield Plus should be applied as follows:
  • PacificAg liquid fertilisers are easy to use and require no mixing, as with wettable powders. Simply add the liquid fertiliser to the agitating spray tank. Being a true liquid product, as opposed to products in suspension, spray nozzle blockages are eliminated.
  • Foliar fertilisers can be applied in conjunction with normal herbicide, insecticide and fungicide sprays, eliminating the need for additional fertiliser applications and saving time.
  • Uniform fertiliser application is achieved by liquid application and rapid absorption through the leaves. PacificAg products contain surfactants and uniform distribution over foliage is assured.

Your local PacificAg specialist will advise you on the best application rate for your requirements.


Specifications: (w/v)

Nitrogen              5%
Phosphorous        4%
Potassium           11%
Boron                  500 ppm
Cobalt                  50 ppm
Copper                 400 ppm
Iodine                   20 ppm
Molybdenum         100 ppm
Zinc                      400 ppm
Selenium               10 ppm


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