Biomax Nitro-gib

This new product is a combination of Biomax Nitrogen Plus and Gibberilin. This unique formula contains 32% Nitrogen content and similar amounts of Gibberilin that is commonly applied to pasture to promote rapid grass growth. The additional elements contained in this liquid will minimize the root problems that can be associated by Gibberilin applications.

It is formulated to meet market demand and its function is to replace standard Gibberilin products and 75 kilos of Urea in the one application. This saves time and money. At present many farmers are applying Urea and then within a few days apply a Gibberilin product or vice versa for instant growth.

Nitro-gib should be applied to clean fresh grass paddocks and not be grazed for 15 to 18 days. It is used to bring grass growth forward when grass supply is short. The product will produce when there is some 'movement' in the grass even in colder conditions (Initial trials support this).

Nutrients in this product are freely available and require little conversion in the soil.

Specifications: (w/v)
Nitrogen     32%

Apply 16 litres per Ha to fresh clean grass at 1:4 with water.


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