Hold’s major function is it acts as a brokering agent on crops during wet weather close to harvesting. The rain causes the plants to take up excessive amounts of moisture and Nitrogen which the plant is unable to transpire off quickly enough causing reductions in Brix – more acids. During these conditions it has the ability to broker or limit the excess uptake. Control of Nitrogen soil applications and timing can also ease the problem. The Calcium in Hold moves freely into cell walls to toughen them and slow their deterioration. Storage is therefore enhanced. Brix will be decreased for approximately 15 days following application.

PacificHort Hold is a unique liquid concentrate that contains 12 % w/w of Calcium and 0.3% w/w of Boron. Its specific gravity is 1.39.

The advanced technology used to manufacture Hold gives a high level of Calcium. Ca and B are chelated to a pentose sugar which is a rapidly absorbed molecule. This does not raise Ca levels in plant tissue but manipulates osmotic pressure to stop water uptake from the roots This stops the uptake of nutrients such as Nitrogen, magnesium and potassium that readily come up in xylem.

Hold is used in two ways prior to or after rain to prevent uptake as above or applied prior to harvesting to toughen cell walls and improve Brix/Density.

Application rates vary depending on the crop or purpose of use.

  • Prevention of fruit spitting rates are 10-20 litres / hectare before and after rain

Your local PacificHort specialist will advise you on the best application for your crop and conditions.



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