Bud Enhancer

What is Bud Enhancer?

PacificHort Bud Enhancer is a complex mix of Nitrogen and Chelated Zinc, Boron and Magnesium.

PacificHort Bud Enhancer is a true liquid foliar fertiliser that immediately supplies the plant with nutrients that are crucial to good bud, flower and canopy development. It is applied post harvest before dormancy or from bud break to stimulate strong growth.

Bud Enhancer is blended in a strong seaweed base derived from Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed which is rich in natural plant hormones such as Auxins, Cytokinins, Betaines, and Gibberellins. These elements will help stimulate growth, increase yield, and improve crop quality.

PacificHort Bud Enhancer is supplied in a convenient concentrated liquid form that’s odourless, non
toxic and able to be mixed with various other products.


Application rates:

Avocado             10-30 L/h
Kiwifruit               10-30 L/h
Pip fruit                10-30 L/h
Stone fruit           10-30 L/h
Grape fruit           10-30 L/h
Citrus fruit           10-30 L/h
Berry Fruit           10-30 L/h
Application Rate   10-30 L/h


When to apply

Post harvest before dormancy

Water Rate

500-2000 L/h

Specifications: (w/v)

Nitrogen       N            20%
Boron           B            0.6%
Zinc             Zn           0.6%

Your local PacificHort specialist will advise you on the best application rate for your requirements.



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