Growplus N

Pacifichort Growplus N is a protein based formulation comprised of a precise blend of specific amino acids and nutrients. As a supplementary source of cellular components, Pacifichort Growplus N acts as a natural bio-stimulant to enhance the metabolic events involved in cell division.

Vegetative growth
The nutrition component of Pacifichort Growplus N is in a form that allows rapid assimilation and translocation. When used by itself it promotes vegetative growth, important if seeking rapid canopy development or leaf growth in early spring. Due to its high Nitrogen content of 15% w/v, Growplus N may also be used to give immediate response to plants suffering from Nitrogen deficiency or weather related conditions.

Reproductive growth

The increase in volume associated with fruit growth is the result of cell division, cell enlargement, or both. The relative importance of these processes varies from one species to another. Generally, cell division predominates in the first few weeks after blossoming, and overlaps with the cell enlargement phase, which lasts until maturity.

Pacifichort Growplus N used in combination with Pacifichort Mag/Con leads to fruitlet cell division and hence larger fruit size. During fruitlet formation the demand for nutrients and energy is very high. Addressing these demands with a Pacifichort fruit-sizing programme will ensure yield is maximised. For most fruit crops the crucial stage to enhance fruit size and final yield is in the cell division stage. Timing and application within this period varies according to crop type and climate. The duration of cell division is 2-3 weeks in apricots, 3-4 weeks in apples, peaches, plums and grapes, 6-8 weeks in pears, 4-9 weeks in oranges, and continues until maturity in avocados and strawberries.



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