Ferti boost

Ferti-boost is a fully balanced maintenance liquid blend of NPK and trace elements in a strong seaweed base, especially formulated for New Zealand's horticultural crops.

A true liquid fertiliser containing Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium, Boron and ascophyllum nodosum seaweed, for instance update and better translocation of the nutrients through the plant system.
These elements will stimulate growth, contribute to increased yield and improve the quality of the crop.

A monthly application of Ferti-boost when used in conjunction with Gold K humic and liquid K 30% or Nitrogen Plus will maintain soil's nutrient status and provide cropping plants with highly available nutrients to enhance production.

It is supplied in a concentrated liquid form being odourless and non-toxic. This makes it easy to apply with no withholding period.

Application rates:
Crop          Rate         When to apply
Kiwifruit   From shoot extension to flowering
Avocado All From pre flowering to late autumn
Stonefruit 10-20litre/ha From petal fall
Citrus crops per month After petal fall
Pipfruit   After petal fall

Your local PacificHort specialist will advice you on the best rate for your requirements:

Specifications: (w/v)

Nitrogen               N     10%
Phosphorus          P       4%
Potassium            K       8%
Boron                  B      400ppm
Molybdenum        Mo    100ppm



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