Gold K Plus

Pacifichort Gold K Plus, a Potassium humate extract is a liquid soil conditioner. Humic substances result from the breakdown of organic matter and Gold K Plus is a concentrate derived from humus in the same way that coal is a concentrate of organic matter from forests of bygone ages. The humble humate is the essence of healthy soil.

Benefits of Gold K Plus

  • Stimulates soil biological activity and speeds up nutrient cycling
  • Increases the availability of phosphates and calcium
  • Acts as a powerful chelating agent to elevate Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)
  • Improves the physical characteristics of clay and sandy soils
  • Stimulates root growth and development
  • Enhances the effectiveness of applied fertilisers

Over time the soils organic matter will increase, through its abilities to breakdown pruning, waste material compost and the natural life cycle of the increased beneficial bacteria, fungi and other soil organisms. Humates are soil conditioners. It is best to think of them as concentrated liquid compost as they stimulate soil biological activity, which speeds up the recycling of nutrients. Humates are mined from coal - but not ordinary coal. The surfaces of humic molecules are negatively charged and improve nutrient holding ability of the soil. They buffer soil chemical reactions reducing soil acidity. In sandy soils they coat particle surfaces reducing the leaching of fertiliser elements. In clay rich soils they interact with the clay particles to keep them apart allowing water, air and nutrient penetration.



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