PacificHort Seaweed Extract

Pacifichort Seaweed Extract is a natural organic bio-stimulant fortified with small amounts of major and minor fertilising elements. Seaweed Extract is formulated from Ascophyllum nodosum and contains more than 25% w/w soluble solids. It can be applied on its own as a bio-stimulant but has the added bonus that when applied with other (e.g. Boron & Zincflow etc.) it enhances their translocation into the plant, tree or vines etc.

Pacifichort Seaweed Extract also contains bio-stimulants; Betaines, Cytokinins and Gibberilins which are well known for their ability to enhance fruit formation and size.

Benefits of pacifichort seaweed extract
  • In kiwifruit the seaweed reaction will enhance elongation of fruit at fruit set
  • When used in conjunction with micronutrients (Boron, Zinc etc) seaweed will assist their uptake when treating deficiencies
  • The product can be used with most other sprays
  • Some of the ingredients (eg Betaines) reduce spray shock and other stresses
  • Overseas trial work indicates that the various bio-stimulants naturally present in seaweed produce an increased tolerance to infection and infestation leading to a lower use of pesticides


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